Spiritual Warrior, l’esprit d’enfance

AW15/16 - Spiritual Warrior, l’esprit d’enfance  Lookbook  Presskit

This collection is inspired by the necessity to keep “L’Esprit d’enfance” alive inside us and within our relation to the world. The necessity of the spirit to play and create, to learn and have humor. The need for a gentle and caring relationship with the world and to the people. Originally the term spiritual warrior come from the Buddhist philosophy. It is the term which define the one who combats the universal enemy: self-ignorance. This term is also used in esotericism and self-help literature.

We start the collection outside computer by drawing, doing manual collage, redraw images on a book as children. Gabriel developped then from our sketches the unity of the univers of this new collection we wanted to bring out this time, by harmonizing the color range, the line style like the way windows and comics books. We went to search the inspiration in some animals totem for their freedom and innocence, in collective sport, in ironic icons, representative old helmets showing wind chimes and Mobile, the progress on the tournament field probably dramatic effects, etc.

This collection is an ode to life, imagination, sweetness, humor. This collection is inspired by the novel Que ma joie demeure of Jean Giono.

This novel is about a farming hamlet on a plateau of Haute Provence, Gremone plateau in the early twentieth century. With meeting Bobi itinerant acrobat, Jourdan, a farmer who lives the great misfortune of living like leprosy, is trying to bring back the joy, spontaneity and beauty of wilderness on the plateau. Bobi teaches them the need for unnecessary and time … like the star Orion cauliflower carrot, spring nature, the presence of a deer, the beauty of a field of daffodils or periwinkles …
“Pour la première fois, l’ennui s’affirme avec force et prend le dessus sur la confiance, jusqu’alors tenace, dans les retrouvailles de l’homme avec le monde.” p.6


Photography: Valquire Veljkovic
Hair & Make up: Memo Schmage
Models: Samara Isola & Alan Bigelow
Shoes by Reality Studio & Velt
Sun Glasses by Vava
assistants: Esma Tela & Jeanne de Bussierre

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