Comet Club

Collector SS13 - Comet Club

This collection is inspired by the memory of the “Famous Five”, a series of children’s novels written by British author Enid Blyton, and makes an ironic echo to the Jockey Club, qualified by Marcel Proust as one of club the most closed in the world, a very elitist club. I wanted to create clothes for a fanciful and adventurous club. This collection is the first hand made mass collection of Tata Christiane. We developed an iconography with surrealist collages having the space for playground. Printed matters are wanted very vibrating, very colored and narrative. Frescoes of imaginary adventures. Comet Club is a club of superhero. The cuts are simple and comfortable, leaving the biggest place to the prints, the illustrations of their conquests. The fabrics are flexible, sports and precious at the same time. Comet Club is baroque streetwear. Comet Club could be an adventure movie.


Photography: Valquire Veljkovic
Hair & Make-up: Nicole Constanze Murek
Models: Alan, Frida & Riko


Fashion Show Brighton

Photography: ToriClarkson

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