“May Queen”

Collector SS21 - “May Queen”
Photography by Robert Bartholot
Models: Ivanna and Agustin
Hair & Make up: Prinz Basil
Please find below also a text about the art installation where we did the shooting this time:
“Performance artist Ma Li’s installation “May Queen” transforms production waste from Berlin-based labels Máthé, Tata Christiane, and Starstyling into a visual dream world inspired by tradition, mythology, ritual, folklore, pop culture, and traditional Chinese crafts. With an exuberant approach, she creates floral elements and creatures that celebrate the “May Queen” of our time by upcycling donated recyclables. Also known as the Goddess of Spring, or Queen of Flowers, May Queen is a symbol of the stillness of nature around which everything revolves. She represents purity, strength and the potential for growth and is the life force of the earth.”