“From the desire to be my other”

SS19 - “From the desire to be my other”  Lookbook 

This Spring Summer 2019 collection is inspired by the exhibition in the MuCEM in Marseille, The world upsdide down, which revolves around European carnival traditions. All the prints in this collection are original and come from the current work (paintings and drawings) of Gabriel Santini.

Continuing our exploration of the urban costume, the urban clothing, and the dimension of clothing as a dreamed and exuberant part of our psyche, we wanted a very colorful collection with neon running thematically throughout, mixed with large, raw prints. The big masks.

Clothing is a breakthrough in the real world. We uncover the importance of the game and the celebration of the garment as a festival of the intimate identity of the one who adopts it, who realizes it, and hides and reveals themself through the clothing.

“Whether disappointed or worried about the consequences of globalization, many commentators now claim that with the fast circulation of images, ideas and works, with their dematerialization, the imagination is exhausted. The blame would come down to this stalling of reality permanently “filtered” by the omnipresent images on all kinds of screens, and the fact that the cultural performance would be nothing more than imitations, parodies or chimeras in the chain, empty of social meaning. This conclusion generally concludes with the announcement of the “end of cultures” and the time of a dull sociality without end, where faces and masks, mirrors and bodies that they reflect, disguises and clothes would merge in the greatest indifference … If this diagnosis is true, then the carnival should become of itself a normal, if not quite ordinary, moment of daily life, which attracts no one and interrupts nothing more.”

Quoted from the preface by Michel Algier, anthropologist, “From the desire to be my other” from the book “The world upside down, carnivals and masquerades of Europe and the Mediterranean.”


Collection by Tata Christiane (www.brand.tatachristiane.com)

Photo by Haga

Prints by Gabriel Santini (www.gabrielsantini.com)

Model: Rebecca ( Pearl Management)

Location: Urban Spree Garden (https://www.urbanspree.com)

Hair & Make up: Melissa Righi

Assistants: Skirmante Jaryginaite and Katerina Servusova

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