Sketch, memory and relic of the 80s

Collector SS16 - Sketch, memory and relic of the 80s  Lookbook 

This summer 2016 collection of unique pieces is a dreamy draft, a potpourri, a medley of memories 80s Textils were collected and mottled in Berlin, Belgium and Paris. This collection introduces vintage pieces, baby dolls, scarves and sports jacket. Work with neglected untidy patchwork romantic. A rather primitive approach crochet work. For this collection we collaborate with artist Olivier Panama who created a series of 100 numbered ceramic pellets in gold paint in hand for this new series of collector.
Olivier Panama
born in Paris, lives and works in Berlin
a childhood spend in his mother’s ceramic atelier on the Lago Maggiore,
Paris where he designed bar & restaurants,
from the New-York galleries with his sculptures to Berlin as the creator of “gold berlin design”,
Olivier Panama in association with Gold Berlin Design shows us today with a glamorous provocative humor “Relics”, desk-jewels in white & gold glazed ceramic. A timeless story of the human nature that make us travel from the Antics to the Contemporary.
gold berlin design “my number” for Tata Christiane –
Numbers counted from zero to hundred, creating a suite of names like a universal poem.
Each number creating a personal image in everyone’s mind, a subliminal image telling stories.
The sound of each number/word provoques a particular vibration.
The sugar like glazed ceramic with its gold letters becomes a precious unique little jewel.

Photographers:  Gabriel Santini & Valquire Veljkovic
Models: Tiffany & Camille
Hair & Make up: Memo Schmage

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