Rock & Roll Petit Lapin

AW 14/15 - Rock & Roll Petit Lapin  Lookbook  Presskit

This collection is inspired by the mechanism of creation described by Raymond Roussel, French poet, novelist, playwright, musician, and chess enthusiast, born in 1877 and died in 1933, in two of his books Locus Solus, published in 1914 and How I Wrote Certain of my Books published after his death in 1935. Through his novels, poems, and plays he exerted a profound influence on certain groups within 20th century French literature, including the Surrealists, Oulipo, and the authors of the nouveau roman
In the notes published in 1930 under the title Opium, Jean Cocteau evokes Roussel term “Roussel sees no one. It draws in itself. He invented to historic anecdotes. It’s Machine controllers without any outside help ”
For this collection Hanri Gabriel and Tata sought that could evoke the research of black and gray for them in approaches prints and textures, in sets of colors, collages and images associations. How black and gray could exist in the world of Tata Christiane. A surreal and visionary approach. This winter collection is a comfortable and large envelope or body loses in images, which are the keys to a poem in construction.


Photo by Valquire Veljkovic –
Models : Edgar & Antje (Pearl Management)
Make up & Hair: Nicole Constanze Murek


Photo by Valquire Veljkovic
Model: Olga & Edgar
Make up & Hair: Nicole Constanze Murek