Grunge Fantasy

AW20/21 - Grunge Fantasy  Lookbook  Presskit

AW2020-2021 “Grunge Fantaisy”

Thirty years after the Grunge movement, this collection is not a reinterpretation of the Grunge aesthetic but rather a nod to the history of the genre. A kind of parallel seems to be able to be drawn between the 90s and our 2020s. Grunge has been perceived as the movement of Generation X, and is characterized by its pessism and bitterness, but also by the role of women very present in the Grunge movement, very much linked to the feminist/punk movement of the Riot grrrl.

More than the copy of a style, we would rather like to bring back the spirit and philosophy of grunge. Faced with a certain form of legitimate anxiety about the current ecological and political state of the world, it seems to us that the grunge spirit could bring a saving breath. Why “grunge fantasy”, because it is not a question of making a copy-paste but of reevaluating our modes of consumption, identification, creation. The Grunge look has been said to be inspired by the workers of Seattle, but also by a form of recuperation, of recycling. The look, made of superimpositions, is described as “scruffy and colourful”, composed of anarchic choices. This revolt and anti-conformism seems to us a healthy attitude still today.

Simon Reynolds said in 1992: “There is a sense of exhaustion in the culture at large. Children are depressed about the future.” Grunge expresses a refusal of consumerism, of taking one’s place in today’s society, of becoming an adult, of taking responsibility, of morals, of rules, engendered by disappointment, disillusionment and frustration, leading to “Think for yourself” individualism.

The spirit of childhood is a value dear to our label. And Grunge reminds us of its intrinsic and necessary strength.

photography by HAGA
hair & Make up by Memo Schmage
Model: Angelina ( Pearl Management)

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