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“Presented at MeMy Mode during Paris Fashion Week 2013, AW 13-14 collection “Le troisième Oeil” is the latest effort by label Tata Christiane, founded in 2007 by Julie Bourgeois e Hanrigabriel.

Through a kaleidoscope of psychedelic prints, the Franco-German duo takes us on a lysergic trip into the sphere of irrationality and intuition, with the help of a providential and visionary third eye.

In Hindu symbolism, clairvoyance is a sort-of crystal ball, to be scrutinized to gain vision of secret, distant images and messages. It’s the door of intuition and insight, the ability to sense a truth without the use of mental logic.

Against the graphic backgrounds of the lookbook, Tata Christiane catalyzes the whirling and hypnotic concept of “Le troisième Oeil”, weaving together light, flashes of textiles and motifs that run along a line of irony somewhere between the refined and the freak.”

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