Olivier Panama Dogs/gods

Posted on Feb.15 2017

Urban Spree Galerie invites you to the opening of the 2017 gallery season with an exhibition by the French Berlin-based sculptor Olivier Panama and his fantastic ceramics bestiary.

Inspired by our egomaniac pop culture and ancestral funeral rituals, Olivier Panama glorifies in his white and golden ceramic works the remain of celebrities with his particular sense of humor. His previous piece Brad and Angelina a Timeless Tales is a pair of oversized ceramic skeletons tribute to the It-couple and still life. Taking away with art history, Olivier Panama reveals unexpected details such as plastic surgery or jewellery and questions the vanishing of our vanity.

Evoking the curiosity cabinet of the18th century taxidermist Fragonard as much as Madame Tussaud, DOGS & GODS exalts in detail the most fashionable accessories of all times, the celebrities’ pets! From the Egyptian god of the death Anubis to Paris Hilton’s companion Tinkerbell, the exhibition interprets an extravagant vision of the afterlife filled with lush costumes and golden smile.

Conceived in collaboration with the rising fashion designer Tata Christiane, this installation opposes the dead animals with lively clothes in a surprising fusion where the baroque aesthetics flirts with a biting Bling Bling. Filling the object with symbols, the gift shop at the core of the exhibition will present a selection of relics made by Tata Christiane and Gold Berlin Design to cross the Styx in style.

The animalistic figures are the guardians of a fantastic and ironic tombstone where life is magnified by materiality and gold is immortality.

Sound design by Pierre Hugues Hadacek et X-Ray cake by @Ma Pâtissière.

DOGS & GODS will also mark the re-opening of the Urban Spree Shop for 2017. The Urban Spree Bookshop is located in the gallery and displays a hand-picked, organic selection of street art, graffiti and photography books whose common thread is a vision of cities, post-industrial & decayed spaces. The shop includes a large selection of screen prints made by local & international street artists, as well as locally-designed and produced screen printed T-Shirts.

Vernissage: 10/02/2017 from 18:30

Dates: 10/02 to 16/02 except Monday

Opening Hours: 12:00 – 18:30

Urban Spree Galerie
Revaler Str. 99
10245 Berlin

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