new LP “Constance” by Autist – Sept.5th

Posted on Sep.15 2016

Constance is the first part of the diptych Constance and Misbehave (released September – November 2016). Recorded in spring 2016 in Paris and Berlin, the two part album provides layers of love songs, ecstatic journeys, musical diaries, cinematic soundscapes within electronic compositions, reminiscent at times of their live performance atmospheres, mixed with intimate melodies and grunge tones. It collides their french chanson influences with dirty dance and english vocals into an epic and introspective soundtrack.

Autist is Aniaetleprogrammeur and is a french electronic band based in Berlin, consisting of songwriter, instrumentalist and producer Gabriel Santini with best friend and alter ego Julie bourgeoisAutist covers and mixes a wide range of genres including electropunk, dance music, psychedelic, chanson, electronica. Founded in Paris, the band released a debut electropunk LP album Die Kir(s)che auf dem Kopf  in 2011 (Pale Music Int. – Tigerbeat6). It was followed by several singles and a second LP The friendly expectations of the stars in 2013 (Force Royale – Pale Music Int.). Since then they have toured venues and festivals across Europe and Japan and have produced several singles, EPs and remixes. Their latest recording Constance is released on Sept. 5th 2016.

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