I am the King of my Kingdom

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The Royalty Issue.

A fool without a king is a king of everything and a king without entertainment is a man full of poverties. Ambitious kings take their costumes as a necessary part of their inaugurations, the kings garments are the spirit of the ceremony, a mirror reflecting the generosity of forms and aesthetics, colors of ecstasy, a firework of ornaments. A serious king has his own rules, he is always close to the edge because it is his kingdom he has carte blanche and he alone defines whether “up” shall be “down” with the seriousness of clowns and monarchs until he is captured in his own mazy musing.

The library is our fools kingdom where knowledge collapses over knowledge, where order and rules are given by the monarch of this realm. Together with the Berlin based fashion artist Tata Christiane I worked out scenes about a figure who captures her kingdom of choice, small and beautiful, majestic and inconceivable without the knowledge of the rules. This king beside being independent from everything nevertheless is also trapped and lost, a lonely ghost. The monarchs costume in a strange kingdom become an imaginary and fancy, obscure scene. We pointed out the surrealist aspects of the relations between the king and his realm, the struggle with himself. We framed the feeling of royalty and trigger the cultural memory. “I am the king of my kingdom”, as modern as it is, will be the expression of our capacity to develop our imagination for our very intimate life.

Photography by: Valquire Veljkovic
Model: Alina Edged
Make up & Hair: Pecheur Dperles
Issue name: The Royalty Issue