Dandy Box

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01 02 03

Dandy box is the result of a collaboration between the very hidden Berlin artist Miriam Glinka and Tata Christiane. Miriam Glinka was one of model idols of the brand for the collection of Les rois ambigüs. Of her attendance and in the contact of her work was born the desire to create costumes according to each of her collages which take of all the living space, to make a palace from nothing otherwise of self-adhesive papers, colors and structures, and of time, of her life, which is an imprint of a contemporary dandysm. This project take six month. I was working step by sted following her. The photography fixes this meeting of dandy box. We share an apartment in Berlin, with two cats.
Photos: Matteo Cattaruzzi
Clothes: Tata Christiane
Floor artwork/Model: Miriam Glinka