Collection “Romantism Noir”

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Special Collection “Romantism Noir” exclusiv for XXX-Berlin

Romantism Noir
This limited collection for the concept shop XXX Berlin, could be called ” Black romanticism “. Indeed this collection is inspired by the “obscurs” of the romanticism of the 19th century. A mixture of Bohemia, mystery and irony.
The work on the black in this collection has for reference the artistic movement romantic which appeared in reaction to the classic regularity considered too stiff and to the philosophic rationalism of the previous centuries.
” The romanticism is characterized by a will to investigate all the possibilities of the art to express its moods: it is so a reaction of the feeling against the reason, exciting the mystery and the fantasy and looking for the escape and for the delight in the dream, the morbid and the sublime, the exoticism and the past. Ideal or nightmare of a passionate and melancholic sensibility… “.
This collection is also a wink inverted in the proverb ” Der Teufel steckt im Detail”. I wanted investigated the possibilities of the black by using numerous fabrics, textures, blacks’ qualities. A work on the not minimalist, outraged, sensual and subjective black. The black in the necessary connection with the color. The least abstract possible black. Claire de Duras in 1824 qualifies the romanticism as that must be “undefinable”. Baudelaire proposed his definition of the romanticism in the Salon of 1846: ” the romanticism is not exactly either in the choice of the subjects or in the exact truth, but in the way of feeling “. This collection is a subjective proposal of the modernity.